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Four steps to easy packing

Our four step easy packing guide


What’s the least fun part of trips away? No, not coming home – though admittedly, that’s pretty rubbish when you’ve been on a lovely holiday. It’s PACKING, of course. It’s just horrible. 

We all know the challenges. How much do you need? What if the weather is mixed? How soon should you start preparing? You can fill your suitcase in advance, but you may actually want to wear or use some of the stuff you’re taking before you go – in some cases right up to the last minute (phone charger, toothbrush, etc.).

So we’ll start by saying this: a travel checklist is VITAL. Make it on a notepad or your smartphone... or, just save our handy packing tips, below, and give them a read at your various stages of packing.

We’ve even broken it down into four easy steps to make it extra-straightforward...



1)   Clothes and footwear

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Think about the weather; how many days and nights you’re packing for; and whether you’ll be doing anything unusual. For example, in summer temperatures, you’ll probably rotate between two lightweight outfits during the day and maybe three at night, so don’t go nuts. And remember a sensible pair of walking shoes and warm top layer, just in case. 

HOW TO PACK? Footwear should go at the bottom, ideally in bags for protection and cleanliness. Holiday clothes can take up a lot of room, so try to make them smaller. Roll instead of fold, to avoid creases and make it easier to find things. And take a small bag for dirty laundry.


2)   Toiletries

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Go through your daily routine in your head. What do you use? For example: Face wash, shower supplies, hair removal gadgets, toothbrush, toothpaste, skincare products, cosmetics and hair products. Plus any medication or remedies you’re likely to need. Perhaps earplugs, too.

HOW TO PACK? Have separate, plastic holdalls for toiletries (within your suitcase) to protect against spillages and make it easy to find what you need. Also, consider compiling specific holiday supplies rather than taking the products that are already open at home. Then you don’t need to worry about last-minute packing.


3)   Vital stuff

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Again, think about anything you use on a daily basis that isn’t clothes or toiletries. Phone, phone charger, book or e-reader and money. Then essential holiday materials: Tickets, passport (if relevant), personal ID. Maybe a decent camera, if you don’t want to rely on your phone.

HOW TO PACK? Some or all of these things should be easy to reach and as secure as possible, so consider keeping them in a smaller, second bag that’s constantly attached to you (like a handbag or mini-rucksack).


4)   Buy stuff while you’re there

Finally: don’t panic. There are these things called SHOPS in most places you’re likely to visit, so if you’ve forgotten something, replace it at your destination. It’s a bit annoying, but having spares for the future is never a bad thing. Providing you’ve got your travel documents, a source of funds and a phone, you’ll get by.


At least the journey can be relaxing...

Once your packing is out of the way, it’s time for your break to begin... starting with a comfortable journey. MegabusGold coaches offer individual power sockets and free wi-fi – and cosy bunks too, if you use our sleeper service – so you’ll have everything you need at fantastic value.


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