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Spooky London: Scary landmarks

Spooky London

Following our ghostly review of some of Scotland’s most haunted places in our last MegabusGold blog, we’re turning our attention to the UK capital – where there are (allegedly) more ghosts than you can shake a stick at.

London is also, of course, a fantastic place to enjoy an autumn city break. You can make the most of the city’s many attractions while avoiding the crazy crowds of summer or Christmas... and if that comes with a few spooky highlights, then all the better.

Here are a few of our favourites...

The Grenadier, Belgravia

WHAT IS IT? A pub.

WHAT’S THE STORY? A soldier named Cedric was reportedly caught cheating at cards here, when the building was used to house the Grenadier Guards (dating from 1720). Poor Cedric was subsequently beaten to death and is now said to haunt the pub. Sounds of footsteps and moaning have been heard, along with objects mysteriously moving in empty rooms. One visitor once touched some smoke in the air and suffered what appeared to be a cigarette burn on his hand. The ceilings are covered with currency, as pub-goers attempt to resolve Cedric’s card debts.



Highgate Cemetery

WHAT IS IT? A burial ground.

WHAT’S THE STORY? The most common ghost reports are of an insane lady who runs between the graves searching for her children, who she murdered; and a calm figure who stares into space and disappears when witnesses get close. But it isn’t hard to believe there are many more troubled souls among the intricate masonry of this vast cemetery, which first opened in 1839. It’s also said to have been a favourite haunt of vampires and spooky cults, traces of which still remain...    



The London Underground

WHAT IS IT? A famous transport system.

WHAT’S THE STORY? There are tales about several of London’s well-known tube stations, including:

  • Liverpool Street – A man in white overalls who has been known to leave his clothes behind. Possibly one of the souls said to have been laid to rest in an old burial ground beneath the station.
  • King’s Cross – A woman in modern clothes with long brown hair, who wanders the station in a distressed state but disappears upon contact. It’s been suggested she was a victim of a devastating fire in 1987.
  • Bank – A general air of sadness has long haunted this station, said to be caused by the Black Nun – a lady mourning the death of her executed brother, who worked in the bank from whence the station got its name.



The Tower of London

WHAT IS IT? A historical prison and execution venue.

WHAT’S THE STORY? Lots of people were imprisoned at The Tower Of London – some before being beheaded; and others who died of other causes. There’s no denying it’s an imposing and rather unsettling place. Two boy princes, Edward and Richard, were rumoured to have been murdered here in 1495 and now scare visitors; while one of Henry VIII’s unlucky wives, Anne Boleyn, is also suspected to dabble in a bit of haunting now and again. There’s even said to be a ghostly bear – one of the animals once kept for domestic entertainment for royal residents.



Keep at least one part of your break non-spooky

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