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Staying entertained on the move


Staying entertained on the move

We all know the feeling when you’re getting ready to head off on a weekend break or long trip away – there’s excitement for your time off mixed with apprehension about the hours you’ll need to spend to get to your chosen destination. However, with the advent of smartphones and tablets there are endless possibilities to keep boredom at bay while you travel.

Catching up

There’s not a lot you can’t do on the move anymore, and watching catch-up TV or movies is high on our list. If you’ve got a data allowance on your tablet or smartphone, or simply want to take advantage of our free Wi-Fi service, all you need is a pair of headphones and to choose the best streaming service for you. From free apps like BBC iPlayer and All 4 that let you catch up with past TV shows, to paid for subscriptions to instant video sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Zoning out

Life can be rather hectic, what better way to ease you into your break away than taking a couple of hours to lie back, relax and listen to some of your favourite tunes? Whether you’ve crammed your iPod to the brim with new music, have a CD player on-hand for some old school sounds or take advantage of online streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer, with a good soft pillow and a pair of headphones you can while away the hours in peace.

Game on

Want a little more action and adventure in your journey? Grab your smartphone or tablet and head to the app store. Whether you’re looking for brainteasers, shoot ‘em ups, or collaborative gaming, you’ll find hundreds to keep your brain whirring in the Google Play or iOS app stores. Reluctant to go digital? No problem, we’d recommend popping a deck of cards in your bag so whether you’re riding solo or are travelling as a group, you’ve always got something to keep you occupied.

Read all about it

Prefer to get lost in another world while you’re on the move? Grab a book and see where it takes you, whether you prefer the traditional paperback or are open to online reading, there’s hundreds of titles for you to download from Amazon books, WHSmith and Waterstones. Just get yourself an eBook app akin to Kindle and you’re away. That being said, if you’re not one for reading at night or fussing around holding your book/e-reader then why not try an audiobook? Head over to Audible before you go to load up on books or simply use our on-coach Wi-Fi to get your literature fix.

So if you’re travelling a few hours or are jumping onto a sleeper service through the night, why not pack your bag with some of those digital goodies and make that travel time count.

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