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Are you a savvy traveller?

Choosing a night bus means you get to snooze while you cruise, but how do you handle yourself before and after you snuggle down? Take our quick quiz to find out just how savvy a traveller you really are.


1. It's late at night and you've arrived a bit early for your bus. Do you

a) Head for your bus stop and find a seat in the nearest waiting room?

b) Shadow anyone in uniform until your bus arrives?

b) Curl up for a quick nap in a dark corner?


2. You've stowed your luggage in the secure hold. There are CCTV cameras on your bus and staff are on duty all night. What do you do with your valuables?

a) Keep them all together and tuck them in by your feet in your bunk?

b) Keep them all together, tie the bag to your wrist and set your alarm to go off every hour so you can check them?

c) Leave them on top of your bedding where they're easily accessible to you?


3. You've arrived at your destination but the sun's not up yet. Your friend's house is a 10-minute walk away but you can halve that if you take a poorly lit shortcut.

Do you:

a) Stick to the lit paths and main roads, walking confidently?

b) Call a cab?

c) Take the shortcut but keep your mobile phone's flashlight on?


4. Your destination’s a tube ride away. How do you get your ticket?

a) You already have an Oyster card you bought online.

b) At the tube station, after you’ve waited at the bus station until it’s fully daylight.

c) By rummaging in your bag for your purse when you get to the ticket machine.


5. How do you carry your purse, mobile phone and other valuables for the rest of your journey?

a) In a closed bag with an over-the-shoulder strap.

b) You’ve brought just enough cash for the journey and your mobile and other valuables are safely tucked away at home.

c) In your back pocket.



How did you score?

Time to find out just how aware you are when it comes to travelling at night.


If you answered mostly a):

You’re the very definition of a savvy traveller. You plan ahead and you’re aware of the dangers that can lurk in big cities in the hours of darkness. You’ll be fine.


If you answered mostly b):

There’s cautious, then there’s you. Not everyone’s out to get you. Just act a bit more like a savvy traveller and you’ll soon feel confident.


If you answered mostly c):

We applaud your relaxed approach to life, but it might be a tad cavalier for the challenges of night travel. Maybe tighten up on a few of the basics to be sure you stay on your toes.


Stay safe

The security on-board Megabus Gold services means that you can rest assured. But there are plenty of online guides about travelling at night if you want more safety tips. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Public transport in London

Staying safe on trains and buses

Happy travels.

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