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Do Veganuary in style with London’s best vegan restaurants

Vegetarian skewers

Veganuary is becoming more and more popular, but many of us are put off the idea of going vegan for a whole month as we think it means meals out are off the menu. Wrong!

London’s vegan and vegan-friendly restaurant scene is booming, so this January you can eat out without giving up your New Year’s resolution to go meat-free.


Mildred’s is arguably the most well-known veggie restaurant in London. Nearly every dish is vegan – or has a vegan option – and if you love the internationally inspired food, you can pick up their cookbook to recreate your favourite plates at home.

Vanilla Black

Is your new date anti-vegan? Treat them to a gourmet meal at Vanilla Black to prove that not only is vegan food delicious, it’s a cut above vegetable pasta bake too. The restaurant is vegetarian, but does have a separate vegan menu to dive into.


An entirely vegan restaurant, Manna has been serving meat-free meals for around 50 years – so they know what they’re doing. Dishes are varied rather than one strict style of cuisine, and there are also vegan wines on the menu to enjoy.

Itadaki Zen

Japanese food tends to be pretty veggie-friendly already, but Itadaki Zen is 100% vegan and 100% worth a visit. The ‘sushi’ chefs hate waste, using every part their ingredients, and encourage you take home any leftovers too. Ha! Leftovers… 

The Waiting Room

Thanks to The Waiting Room, vegans can now get in on the street-food trend too; enjoy meat-free chicken wings, BBQ ‘ribs’, burgers, and vegan beers or cocktails to wash them all down. Who thinks vegan food is boring now?


A buffet-style veggie restaurant offering soups and salads, hot dishes like lasagnes, and afternoon tea, with plenty of vegan choices. One word of warning – you pay by weight at Ethos, so be careful not to pile your plate too high with tasty treats.

The Coach & Horses

The Coach & Horses is said to be the London’s first vegan pub, and the thought of enjoying a pint along with ‘tofish’ and chips is very tempting. The pub is also where infamous columnist Jeffery Bernard spent his time, but we doubt he was vegan too!


Indian cuisine is ideal for vegans, as there’s already a lot of focus on veggie dishes, so it’s no surprise that Rasa, a South Indian restaurant, is regularly voted London’s best vegetarian restaurant. It is part of a chain; one branch is veggie and the other right over the road serves meat, so make sure you book a table at the right one. 

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